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About Belair Kids

At the heart of Belair Kids Furniture design is a passion to create fun and unique solutions for everyday space challenges.

To solve your “how do we fit it all in?” dilemma, Belair provides not only bed solutions including bunk beds, loft beds and captain’s beds, but accessories like chests, dressers, children’s desks and bedroom bookcases. This speaks of our goal – To give you more space while adding modern style and help to achieve a more organized room. (Did we mention adding space for fun?)

Your children deserve a space that is well planned, safe and comfortable. Quality children’s furniture from Belair is fashioned with family needs in mind.



Our Made-in-Canada furniture is built from durable, commercial melamine which itself is made of Canadian trees and milled in Quebec - home to world renowned melamine board producers. Our partners produce quality material that lands to your home free from chemical smell.

How durable is our material? The finish surface is very close to kitchen counter-top scratch-resistance and is water-resistant. The dense melamine board is extremely strong and has been used in institutional and office settings for over 30 years.

Returns and damage are never enjoyable for our customers, dealers or ourselves. We use rugged hardware that is long-lasting and will pleasantly surprise you with durability.


Respect for our environment has been a long held value at Belair. Our commitment to high quality components and raw materials results in long lasting furniture that maintains its looks and functionality throughout its lifetime.

Over our history, we have consistently worked to reduce the waste from our processes. Wherever possible, damaged or blemished components are cut down and turned into usable components. Our plant and offices actively recycle paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and other metals. Additionally we continue to seek ways to reduce the amount of paper consumed within our organization, moving to electronic format where possible. We work to minimize the packaging materials that are used for individual orders, and in some instances are able to utilize our shipping expertise to ship unboxed so that the least amount of waste is created through this process. Our lumber suppliers are also committed to sustainability and minimizing their impact upon the environment, meeting and exceeding government standards. Our main material, commercial-duty melamine board consists of 100% recycled product and is produced of Canadian trees in Quebec, Canada.


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